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Get Ready for Carnaval de Quebec: A Natural Traveler Slideshow

 Get Ready for Carnaval de Quebec:

A Natural Traveler Slideshow


Photos by  Skip Kaltenheuser

Canada remains among the most user-friendly destinations for families.  It would be even more so for Americans heading north, and Canadians heading south, if the US would lighten-up the unnecessary passport requirements it added, at least for kids.  Despite that hurdle, Canada beckons with a range of offerings befitting a continent-wide country, the second largest in the world, with its diverse landscapes and peoples, and its cornucopia of activities, adventures and festivals.


This is the first of several photo essays glimpsing some favorite Canadian offerings, offerings particularly suitable for travel with a kid.  In the high energy festival category, it aims to give a feel of some of what awaits at Carnaval de Quebec.  The 2014 carnival, the 60th, stretches from January 31st to February16th, with most activities concentrated on weekends.  One of the bonuses of Quebec is that its as European an experience you’ll have short of winging it to France.  Check out Carnaval at <https://carnaval.qc.ca/en/>, and Quebec more generally at <http://www.quebecregion.com/en>.  And explore area skiing options, such as Mont Sainte-Anne, <http://www.mont-sainte-anne.com/en/>, a short drive away.  The slopes overlook a beautiful stretch of the icy Saint Lawrence River.  One caution throughout, on or off the slopes: Quebec City and environs often have a penetrating cold, so dress like an astronaut in order to enjoy long stretches outdoors.  You’ll have a better time.


Try it, you’ll like it.

— Skip Kaltenheuser



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